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The Center for Ultracold Atoms (CUA) brings together a community of scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) and Harvard University to pursue research in the new fields that have been opened by the creation of ultracold atoms and quantum gases. 
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New Chuang Group results

Conventional wisdom dictates that to image the position of fluorescent atoms or molecules, one should stimulate as much emission and collect as many photons as possible. That is, in this classical case, it has always been assumed that the coherence time of the system should be made short, and that the statistical scaling ∼1/t √ defines the resolution limit for imaging time t . However, here we show in contrast that given the same resources, a long coherence time permits a higher resolution image.


Zwierlein Group builds new fermion microscope

Figure caption: Chemically stable fermionic molecules with strong electric dipole moment have been created in an experiment at the CUA.


Figure credit: Jee Woo Park, Sebastian A. Will, MIT

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Norman F. Ramsey - Two Talks

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