Alexei Bylinskii

Postdoctoral Fellow - Park Group

Room 00-0
Oxford Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

CUA Publications

A. Bylinskii, D. Gangloff, and V. Vuletic, Tuning friction atom-by-atom in an ion-crystal simulator, Science 348, 1115-1118 (2015).
P. Samutpraphoot, S. Weber, Q. Lin, D. Gangloff, A. Bylinskii, B. Braverman, A. Kawasaki, C. Raab, W. Kaenders, and V. Vuletic, Passive intrinsic-linewidth narrowing of ultraviolet extended-cavity diode laser by weak optical feedback, Opt. Express 22, 11592 (2014).

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