Mikhail D. Lukin

Professor of Physics

Room Lyman-328
Oxford Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

CUA Publications

J. Borregaard, P. Kómár, E. M. Kessler, M. D. Lukin, and A. S. Sørensen, Long-distance entanglement distribution using individual atoms in optical cavities, Phys Rev A 1504, 03703 (2015).
S. J. DeVience, L. Pham, I. Lovchinsky, A. O. Sushkov, N. Bar-Gill, C. Belthangady, F. Casola, H. Zhang, M. D. Lukin, H. Park, M. Corbett, and R. L. Walsworth, Nanoscale NMR spectroscopy and imaging of multiple nuclear species, Nature Nanotechnology 1748, 3387 (2015).
M. J. A. Schuetz, E. M. Kessler, G. Giedke, L. M. K. Vandersypen, M. D. Lukin, and I. Cirac, Universal Quantum Transducers based on Surface Acoustic Waves, Phys. Rev. X 1504, 05127 (2015).

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