John M. Doyle

Professor of Physics

Room Jefferson-326
Oxford Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

CUA Publications

M. Yeo, M. T. Hummon, A. L. Collopy, B. Yan, B. Hemmerling, E. Chae, J. M. Doyle, and J. Ye, Rotational State Microwave Mixing for Laser Cooling of Complex Diatomic Molecules, Physical Review Letters 114, 223003 (2015).
B. Hemmerling, G. K. Drayna, E. Chae, A. Ravi, and J. M. Doyle, Buffer gas loaded magneto-optical traps for Yb, Tm, Er and Ho, New Jornal of Physics 16, June 2014 (2014).
P. R. Huffman, K. Coakley, J. M. Doyle, C. Huffer, H. P. Mumm, C. M. O'Shaughnessy, K. Schelhammer, P. Seo, and L. Yang, Design and performance of a cryogenic apparatus for magnetically trapping ultracold neutrons, Cryogenics 64, 40 (2014).

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