Markus Greiner

Assistant Professor of Physics

Room Lyman-128
Oxford Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

CUA Publications

P. M. Preiss, R. Ma, M. E. Tai, J. Simon, and M. Greiner, Quantum gas microscopy with spin, atom-number, and multilayer readout, Physical Review A 91, 041602 (2015).
J. F. S. Brachmann, W. S. Bakr, J. Gillen, A. Peng, and M. Greiner, Inducing vortices in a Bose-Einstein condensate using holographically producted light beams, Optics Express 19, 12984 (2011).
W. S. Bakr, R. Ma, M. Tai, P. Preiss, J. Simon, and M. Greiner, Interaction-induced orbital excitation blockade of ultracold atoms in an optical lattice, in press, (2011).

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