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Theoretical Program

We have extended our studies of collisional processes in gases at ultracold and cold temperatures in researches that are responsive to experiments. We have calculated the 2Sg+ and  2Su+ potential curves of the molecular ion Yb2+ and we have obtained the cross-sections for charge exchange of its several isotopes of Yb 2 + in the parent gas. We are extending the theory to the case where the ion and the atom are different isotopes and there is a small energy defect. We have extended an investigation of long-range interactions of hydrogen atoms to the n=10 excited Rydberg states (Vrinceanu and Dalgarno 2008). We have explored the mechanisms for the spin depolarization of alkali metal atoms in cold 3 He gas in a joint study with the experimental group.

At the request of Claudio Cesar we have attempted a simulation of an experiment he has proposed which involves the mutual scattering of neon and hydrogen atoms.


(Alex Dalgarno with collaborators Peng Zhang, Vasili Kharchenko, Stefano Bovino, Daniel Vrinceanu, Timur Tscherbul)


S. Bovino, A. Dalgarno, V. Kharchenko, D. Vrinceanu, P. Zhang

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